Once upon a time, two indie writers met on Instagram and became friends. Having both self-published in the past, these two women felt there had to be an easier way. Both agreed that while writing was a solitary affair, the actual publication process was a bit lonely and definitely scary. A more streamlined process where writers didn’t feel quite so alone was definitely needed, a way that might make writers feel that there was someone to turn to with questions, a one-stop shop to locate all the necessary resources, publication tools, and marketing and editing services.

A source that explains the process, provides a little insight, helps make decisions, and provides editing and marketing services would be useful. All of this, the two writers decided should be available for a reasonable price, and it should be available à la carte. Looking for editing assistance only? Great! Need marketing guidance to get your book sales off to a strong start. Perfect! Just looking for a website that renders free resources such as marketing videos, cover designers, and links to Kindle tutorials. We’re here for you.

Our mission is to supply help and resources for all writers. It is not our intent to merely offer our services but to build a community where writers can find resources, answers, and even meet other writers. Welcome to the Author Suite!

Beth Underwood is an award-winning author of the Talk Bourbon to Me series, Gravity, and the Copper Saddle Distillery Mystery Series written under Beth’s nom-de plume, Claire Stewart. She is an alphabet juggler and executive bourbon steward whose work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books.


Laura Janis Thompson is a memoirist, editor, word nerd, proofreader of her own text messages, and shameless consumer of cupcakes. She believes in the Oxford comma, proper use of the semicolon, and pronoun antecedents. She writes about travel, food, family, and other random life events at www.pagesandstories.com. Her first book, The Memory Keeper: A Memoir on Life, Love, and Travel was published last year.