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Menagerie: Lisa Cunningham

Dear Writers:

One of the things Beth and I wanted to offer our new friends here at The Author Suite is a page of resources—talented cover designers, illustrators, even webinars on self-publishing, advertising, and SEO. We thought it would be fun to occasionally feature one of these resources complete with a Q & A session. Today, we’re featuring talented illustrator, Lisa Cunningham! Woohoo! We met Lisa on Instagram—@paperpaintandbooks—where she posts many of her gorgeous illustrations and shares bits of her life with her followers. I was blown away by her talent. Check her out there and on her website posted below. Enjoy!

Describe your workspace

My studio is in the tiniest little nook of a room up under the eaves of the log house where I live with my husband, 2 adult sons, Pippy Longbody (Chiweenie extraordinaire) and The River Monster (50 pounds of manic Vizsla insanity.) My studio contains my collection of vintage children’s picture books, more art supplies than I could possibly use in my lifetime and my great grandmother’s old kitchen table, which is where I paint, sketch, stare into space and drink more coffee than the law allows.

Where can fans of your work follow you?

You can now follow me on my brand new website… It is a tiny bit wonky and definitely a work in progress, much like me. Bear with me as I learn how to create and manage a website. There’s a reason I’m not an IT person! In addition to my latest work, be prepared to see books, dogs and whatever corner of my studio has captured my attention on any given day. There will be blog posts, Instagram stories and possibly a newsletter and subscription option for purchasing digital coloring page versions of my work. Keep checking back. It improves a little every day.

What is the weirdest thing you must have on your desk/workspace at all times?

Clarence the Traveling Plant. You will be able to follow his adventures on my website.

Lisa Cunningham

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