Indie publishing. 

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Frankly, it can be lonely, intimidating, and overwhelming.

When do I need an editor?

How do I find my audience? 

Why isn’t my book selling?

How do I build a newsletter?

Why must this author stuff be so HARD?!?

It’s enough to send any author into full-time writer’s block.

And when that happens, we’re prone to losing confidence in ourselves and in our craft.

Worse yet, maybe you’re ready to give up entirely and turn your back on a lifetime dream.

Don’t let that happen!

Here at the The Author Suite, we know there’s a better way. 

The Author Suite is based in South Florida.
We offer editing and formatting assistance
to self-published authors. For a full list
of our services, click on “What We Do.”
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